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Plant II

Schilderfabrikation Moedel GmbH


Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 13
92224 Amberg

P.O.Box 1755
92207 Amberg

+49 9621 605-200
+49 9621 605-202

DUNS number341660075

A first – mostly deciding – impression

Information and orientation systems often provide that all-important first impression while giving vital expressions of customerfriendliness at the same time.

Carefully coordinated with the architecture and the specific requirements of the building they form an essential part of corporate identity, reflecting the image and identity of the company, institution or public authority. High quality, well conceived and rigorous in form and function.


It takes great attention to functional and design details, along with high quality standards, to turn a sign or guide into an optimized information and orientation system, Moedel rigorously meets the high requirements of planners and customers in the development of information and orientation systems,

drawing on over 40 years of experience in the production of silk-screen print products to develop and produce a diversity of systems.


Our free-standings and totems, directories, suspended signs, flag signs and door signs enable unfailing, clear visual communication and orientation by texts, graphics and symbols. They are the base for guidance systems with structure and content. Due to many functional and creative details, as wells as high quality standards we built perfected orientation and information systems from our directories and signs of all collections.


More than 10 different product series, which differ in shape, function and material enable a harmonically integration in every architectural style.Whether stainless steel, glass, plastic or aluminium – Moedel offers you variety and quality, design signs in harmony with architecture, as well as functional signs for all applications. Our products are perfect for realization of signage and information and orientation and information signs.

Environmental protection

Environmetal protection is important to us. Therefore our plant II - division Wayfinding-Orientation-Guidance was nearly completely made of wood and consequently of regenerative resources. 

Energy for heating is delivered by an own biomass boiler, which runs with wood chips. Hall and administration are heated by an industrial floor heating, which emits constant and comfortable heat. Production processes and planned expansion require large, connected fire areas. Therefore there is a sprinkler system with a tank of 600.000 litres, which can be found below the production hall.

By use of a heat exchanging device coldness gets from the sprinkler basin to the air conditioning appliance in the offices and to the floor heating. So there is no need for energy-consuming cooling plants to cool down the administration. The enormous cooling capacity which comes from the large volume of sprinkler water lasts calculative for one summer period. 

Besides that it is of great importance for us to recycle cut-off materials etc.