TSG acrylic special classy lordly

Precious guidance system for visitors made of toughened safety glass and aluminium for high demands


More than just an eye-catcher > TORINO is an information system that is not only visible but also noticeable. A colour-intensive titanium grey soft-paint coating on the sign holder ensures a particularly elegant mat look. The haptic of the wall adapter in connection with the safety glass is characteristic and entirely new. Naturally TORINO is more than that: as with all collections the consistency is not limited to the indoors with doorplates, guides, ceiling hangers, banners and indoor pillars. The TORINO outdoor stand rounds off the appearance and sets a particular mark at the start.

  • velvety adapter
  • transparency
  • particularly high quality
pylone stelae exterior monolith TSG toughened safety glass thin flat
An up-to-date presentation –
thanks to its elegant appearance, the TORINO outdoor stand goes with every architecture.
UV print vinyl cut hotel museum lettering permanend
Ceiling sign for direct lettering onto a 8 mm TSG panel
orientation aid help hotel sign sing level floor overview map alum glass
Directory for suspension from ceiling for room information
hotel safety securitiy modern high-quality noble precious
Double-sided usable flag sign suitable for emergency and exit symbols according to DIN
TSG float
Flag sign with titan-grey wall adapter and two 4 mm glass panels
room sign free occupied vacant
Door sign with indicator e.g. for information "please clean the room" - "please do not diturb"
acrylic base plate steel mobile free-standing satined hotel welcome guest stelae
The TORINO indoor totem can be found anywhere where information should be presented elegantly.
hotel interior pylon totem monolith sign mobile
Free-standing totem with aluminium frame and double-sided TSG panels
stelae totem free-standing mobile hotel
Our series TORINO offers two versions of indoor stands.
hotel rectangular TSG tougehend safety glass noble precious
Landscape name plate for office signage
directory opening hours screw installation restaurant
Wall mounted sign made of aluminium and glass to welcome your guests
changeable panel sign floor level indicator hotel restaurant
Design a wall sign according to your specifications. By default the adapters are painted titan-grey with soft-touch paint.
floor level indicator map overview hotel customized customised
Modular directory with several panels can be produced individually.