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Signage for administrative offices and authorities with OSLO signs


Timeless and striking > OSLO convinces with design and functionality. OSLO gets its particular character through the stainless steel holders which serves the purposes of assembling and attaching the inserts and cover simultaneously in an elegant fashion. In order to round off the system, doorplates mounted on the wall and signposts as well as banners, ceiling hangers and table stands are available. As with all other collections, the labelling can be equipped with Braille or tactile writing.

  • aluminium and stainless steel
  • paperflexible
  • easy to assemble

Made to measure blank inlays and preprepared inscription data make the changing of information child’s play.

light version exit sign ceiling suspensionFor double sided sign information, including two 1,5 mm steel cords and press-on lugs.
silver anodized anodised flat nice cheap low-cost low-price flag sign For sign information on both sides (e.g. with safety symbols or paper inlays), including adapter.
silver anodized anodised flat cheap low-cost low-price flag signFor sign information on both sides (e.g. with safety symbols or paper inlays), including adapter.
meeting seminar room cheap low-price low-costSign for conference room with vacant engaged indicator
information panel for employees staff member overview presentationPresent skilful your employees.
silver anodized anodised cheap information panel floor indicatorTwo adapters made of stainless steel are used for mounting and hold the paper inlay in place in the aluminium sign base. Text inlays can be produced and replaced by the user himself.
aluminium aluminum stainless steel sign wall mounting cheap low-costsIntelligent and discrete OSLO convinces by design and functionality.