aluminium aluminum transparent cover protective foil

Curved signs for interior and exterior use, changeable or for direct lettering.


High quality and elegance > from the doorplate to the outdoor stand – the lightly arched front characterizes all elements of the ORLANDO collection. Whether outdoor or indoor totem, floor directories, ceiling hangers, banners or doorplates: ORLANDO is always an elegant and particularly representative eye catcher.

Information is quickly and simply updated and replaced with the refined door mechanism.

  • aluminium
  • convex
  • paperflexible
  • user-friendly

High-quality, simple and elegant yet functional and particularly adaptable through the variety of colours ORLANDO is one of the most successful orientation systems in our range of products.

convex curved pylone totem monolith industry plantAn inviting placement - The ORLANDO outdoor stand captivates with its extreme stability together with its elegant design.
suspension aluminium aluminum convex curvedCeiling sign for permanent information
aluminium profile with separate mounting plate
curved floor signs silver easy installtionThis sign can be used double-sided. Edge rails are in RAL 9006 silver or silver anodized. The lettering is effected either directly, e.g. in form of emergency / fire safety symbols or by using paper inlays.
permanent lettering aluminium aluminum curved convex sign opening hoursThis sign can be used double-sided. Edge rails are in RAL 9006 silver or silver anodized.
occupied square convex curvedBy the use of the universal indicator you can show if the room is vacant or not
changeable paper flexible foil base plate door mechanisme convex curvedExtraordinary by style - the ORLANDO indoor stand aids orientation or displays varying information.
DIN A6 A 6 convex curved aluminium profile aluminumHigh-quality and elegant – the lightly arched front face makes the ORLANDO a particularly representative eye-catcher.
transparent silver anodized anodised aluminium aluminum convex curved DIN sizes industry changeable floor signage level information panelPaperflexible in all formats - the cover with the door mechanisme enables the ORLANDO directory to display varying information even in large formats.