hotel sign room sign timeless architectural

Chic and Charm - high-quality toughened safety glass is held by one or two silver satined adapter/s.


Chic and Charm > high-quality toughened safety glass is held by one/two silver satined adapter/s. The sandwich construction enables a simple labelling by opal glass foils. Due to the easy way of installation the signs are popular. MONACO can be combined without difficulty with TORINO and GALERIE series.

  • toughened safety glass
  • silver satined adapter
  • variable labelling
WC toilet floor signageFlag sign for lettering with foil inserts
fire protection symbole pictogramFlag sign for changeable or fix information e.g. exit or emergency signs
please clean the room please do not disturb meeting conference room float glass tougehend safety aluminum aluminium vacantdoor sign with free engaged indicator
pool signage timeless architectural modern exclusive TSG aluminum safety glassLandscape orientation sign for hotel and restaurant industry
menue sign entrance welcome TSG toughened safety glass float aluminium aluminum screw restaurantWall sign to be lettered with foil inserts
hotel sign object signage orientation system TSG aluminium aluminum toughened safety glassRoom number signs for wayshowing in a level