anti-theft theft-proof lockable cheap office sign youth hostel hotel motel

Thanks to the integrate locking device the signs are perfectly suitable for a lot of public traffic.


Flexible & safe > those two features are perfectly united in KAIRO. Thanks to the integrated locking device anyone without authority is not able to remove the lettering. But it is very easy to change the inserts once you have the special key for it. Having a base plate in grey (approx. RAL 7005) the sign is timeless and fits for every architecture. Optional the sign can be painted in user-defined RAL colours.

  • plastic
  • lockable
  • paperflexible
cheap very low-budget
Door sign 150 with universal display free occupied, which can be positioned individually.
colour color requirements lacquer paint cheap
The signs consists of a mounting and base plate, which can be painted individually.
sign for payment notification notes anti-theft lockable theft-proof
Table-top sign for desks or reception with elegant, black angle.
cheap low-priced
The room sign can be mounted landscape or portrait.
lockable theft-proof protection cheap unauthorised unauthorized
Room signage made of plastic with anti-theft device.
lockable theft-proof anti-theft signage hotel youth hostel
Square door sign made of plastic with locking device.