modern timeless architecture door sign directory TSG vacuum cup succer

High-quality signs made of stainless steel. Combine with products out of series RIO!


Genuine glass meets stainless steel 
A high-quality and stylish synergy. Series GLASGOW offers a simple and comfortable handling from small door sign up to large paperflexible directories for wall mounting. Using a vacuum cup the safety glass can be raised and be taken out of the almost frameless base plate. This way even the exchange of large digital prints and paper inlays is fast and easy to perform.

  • stainless steel and safety glass
  • paperflexible
  • large dimensions

Besides the reduced appearance the series convinces with its simple installation. Thanks to the hidden holes you can not see any fitting.

information panel V2A back-tray signage system object signage cheap

Stainless steel directory with 4 mm TSG for wall mounting.
Available up to size DIN A1!

V2A TSG signage system cheap orientation system

paperflexible wall sign for way-showing or to be used as information panel

TSG V2A elegant square rectangular high-quality cheap paperflexibel

modern, exchangeable room sign with back-tray made of stainless steel and cover made of toughened safety glass