TSG float glass acrylic art culture

glass signs are suitable for every architecture and are very popular especially in landmarked buildings


Modern and precise > GALERIE is the perfect solution for all properties in which the architecture requires discreetness and fine understatement. The outdoor and indoor totem, the wall plates and ceiling hangers have a tasteful look and are perfectly matched. The materials used are glass or acrylic in connection with stainless steel. Necessary information updates are carried out easily by swapping the transparencies between the layers.

  • glass and stainless steel
  • transparency
  • sandwich construction

The versatile fixing elements made of stainless steel with the sophisticated, stylish technology and elegant materials result in a noble look.

TSG elegant museum modern hotel monolith pylone landmarked monument protection

Stand for exterior use made of silver anodised aluminium and hiqu-quality toughened safety glass held by stainless steel spacers

art museum suspension

Ceiling signs consist of one or two acrylic or safety glass panels with each 6 mm thickness.

TSG acrylic float glass allen key door sign directory

toughened safety glass and security spacers

toughened safety glass angle sign fire protection emergency V2A stainless steel

High-quality exit sign for flag mounting. Just add your information onto the 6 mm TSG panel.

WC toilet floor sign museum art exhibition TSG toughened safety glass

„Outstanding and extravagant“ the flag sign present your information

stele stelea interior museum hotel administration office landmarked TSG acrylic

The GALERIE indoor totem can be found anywhere where information should be presented elegantly.

fastening materiel fixation mounting installation holder spacer accesorry

suspended signs are mounted with clamps made of stainless steel

paperflexible stainless steel wall spacers

Spacers made of V2A are for signs with hole Ø 10 mm and enable an easy exchange.

office sign exhibition art culture museum clamp stainless steel

Room sign with pint holder made of V2A.

directory TSG stainless steel clamp pint holder float glass toughened safety glass

wall sign to display exchangeable information

V2A toughened safety glass wall mounting studio signage

paperflexible wall sign made of two TSG panels and four clamps made of stainless steel

Abstandhalter Wandabstand Museumsbeschilderung Ausstellung Kultur Kunst Denkmalschutz denkmalgeschützt System Seeshaupt

Türschild aus Einscheibensicherheitsglas und Edelstahl-Punkthalter

TSG glass museum art exhibition monument protection landmarked old building V2A distance to wall

Toughened safety glass panels are held by four stainless steel spacers. The lettering is effected directly onto the glass or with foil inserts between the panels.