cheap door sign directory indoor stelea suspended sign

The signs enable a fast exchange of paper insert and are suitable for clinics and homes.


Floating and avant-garde > FRANKFURT appears to float from the wall. The main route guide, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, fascinates with its round shape. The paperflexible indoor signs are refined eye-catchers: their unilateral wall fixtures made of anodized aluminium and their asymmetric form with a lightly arched carrier plate leave a marked accent. Thus, the collection is a conspicuous element of contemporary architectural concepts.

  • aluminium
  • asymmetric
  • paperflexible

The side clip profile can be opened in one go and the sign inserts exchanged.

cheap convex ready to mount

The curved totem is available with silver or white lettering panel

light stand pylon monolith cheap bucket foundation

The illuminated outdoor stand catches your eye consistently light even in the dark.

ceiling suspension hanger non-reflective cover paperflexible

for sign information on both sides, including two 1.5 m steel cords and press-on lugs.

cheap low-budget low-priced construction kit convex

Versatility and consistency – this is what the FRANKFURT indoor stand represents. The double sided sign information surfaces have space for permanent or flexible information. With the option of lighting on the inside, this stand cannot be overlooked.

flag sign safety sign emergency exit double-sided curved

convex aluminium sign for projecting installation

convex curved cheap

convex aluminium sign with grey decorative caps on top and bottom