A first – mostly deciding – impression

Information and orientation systems often provide that all-important first impression while giving vital expressions of customerfriendliness at the same time.

Carefully coordinated with the architecture and the specific requirements of the building they form an essential part of corporate identity, reflecting the image and identity of the company, institution or public authority. High quality, well conceived and rigorous in form and function.


It takes great attention to functional and design details, along with high quality standards, to turn a sign or guide into an optimized information and orientation system, Moedel rigorously meets the high requirements of planners and customers in the development of information and orientation systems,

drawing on over 35 years of experience in the production of silk-screen print products to develop and produce a diversity of systems.

Architecture as image factor

Clear, tensed lines separate single division (administration, showroom, production etc.) Still the independent enlargement of all functional areas is possible. The inner part all made of special materials such as concrete, wood, metal and glass and meets moedel’s high requirements regarding visual appearance.

One of the most important points in planning – effected by the architects Harth+Flierl in Amberg – was the use of regenerative resources and energies.