Ecological and regenerative

With its new plant Moedel is on expansion course

The first part of the new production site was built on a land of 22.000 m². The production hall and storage have a floor space of 4.000 m², the affiliated administration building with 1.000 m² spaces for offices and showroom offers outstanding conditions for the executive board as well as for the employees.

According to high logistical requirements production of the division “Orientation and Information Systems” was completely new conceived: the single departments are organised corresponding production processes - delivery, storage and production up to dispatch can be expanded independent from each other.

Built on wood

Moedel plant II was nearly completely made of wood and consequently of regenerative resources. Due to risen prices for raw material and energy architects and building owner looked for both an economical and ecological solution, which could also be built fast. Finally the solution was a composite construction of precast elements of armoured concrete and wooden framework.

On basic grids of 5 x 5 meters armoured concrete shorings were placed. Above there are wood glue binders as roof structure with a span width of 20 meters. The roof area itself was built with wooden framework elements including clogging and insulation. Thanks to that the complete hall with 3.400 m² was covered rain-proof within 10 days.

The single elements had a dimension of 2.5 x 10 meters. The hall walls were constructed in the same way, but with exterior parts of sheet steel panels. Walls and roof-shells were dammed with 24 cm which is the required statically cross section and for this reason an exceptional high standard for industrial buildings.

Energetic and innovative

Energy for heating is delivered by an own biomass boiler, which runs with wood chips. Hall and administration are heated by an industrial floor heating, which emits constant and comfortable heat. Production processes and planned expansion require large, connected fire areas. Therefore there is a sprinkler system with a tank of 600.000 litres, which can be found below the production hall.

By use of a heat exchanging device coldness gets from the sprinkler basin to the air conditioning appliance in the offices and to the floor heating. So there is no need for energy-consuming cooling plants to cool down the administration. The enormous cooling capacity which comes from the large volume of sprinkler water lasts calculative for one summer period. The system passed its first practical test during the hot days in July 2010.